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The History of Skateboarding through Portraits (KickStarter)

I'm Matt Kurtin and I'm a guy that likes to take pictures and help others. I am trying to create a Photo Book that tells the story of skateboarding through portraits. Unfortunately, making these aren't cheap! I intend on telling the story of skating in four parts: the pioneers, the legends, the current amazing skaters, and lastly (but not least) the people behind the lens!

Artistically this is something that has not been done. I intend on using ONE type of film, ONE lens and ONE camera for the whole project. You can see the sample pictures to get an idea of what it will look like. I have had preliminary talks with people in the industry that are willing to help me get this project done. I just need to come up with the money to get the books get made. I can't just go out and take pictures of all these famous and legendary skaters and pioneers of the industry unless they know that I am capable of making this happen.

This isn't just an art project for me, it's a way to show the rest of the world that the skateboarding community is compassionate, cool, and we aren't just a bunch of kids ruining the paint on your houses.  ALL proceeds from this book will go to charity (American Cancer Society, Children's Hospital, Dylan Rieder's Family, and a few other select charities).

Every penny that you donate will go toward getting this book made. I already have the camera, I already have the film (well, most of it) and the funding is the last part of the puzzle. Once I have the funding, the doors will open to me and I'll get access to taking portraits of all these amazing people and making a photo book that will stand the test of time. This book means the world to me; it is a project that I want to do so badly, it's all that I think about day and night. I will make this book happen, I hope that you all are willing to help me.

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Rodney Mullen Debuts Latest Tricks Captured in 360


Rodney Mullen, captures his latest moves with fashion photographer Steven Sebring's at his 360 studio for Rodney's release.

Link to reference: Ref. The Scene

Frontside Gardens, Hackney Wick, (East) London


I found Frontside Gardens on accident while on vacation. This is a sweet park. If you get there and it's closed, nobody minds if you jump the fence to get in. Just use the alley around back.

Google Refernce for Frontside Gardents

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Redbull - Under The Horn of Capricorn (Full Length)


Redbull - Under The Horn of Capricorn (Full Length) from Patrik Wallner on Vimeo.

Planning a trip can generally go two ways. One, there’s a predisposed theme. Follow the Silk Road or head to the Galapagos for example. Secondly, pick a place that has good skating, is picturesque and people want to visit. For years I have wanted to visit a small enclave country known as Lesotho, filmmaker Patrik Wallner had always wanted to visit Namibia and we both really wanted to go to Cape Town. So, it was settled: we would take off for Under The African Capricorn, where all three countries lie, to see what they had in store. - Sam McGuire - Filmed and Edited by Patrik Wallner Skateboarding by Walker Ryan, Sebo Walker, Jamie Toncowny, Thynan Costa Additional Videography by Walker Ryan Photography by Sam McGuire

Link to reference: Redbull Skateboarding

Go Skateboarding Day Asuncion 2015


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