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McShred! (Neil Nice's Skate Rock Mix)


Playing tracks by: Suicidal Tendencies, Bad Brains, The Jam, Motorhead, Sex Pistols and more. 
Tagged: #Rock #Punk #Hardcore

Mixed by Neil Nice (@extraniceness)

Rodney Mullen Debuts Latest Tricks Captured in 360


Rodney Mullen, captures his latest moves with fashion photographer Steven Sebring's at his 360 studio for Rodney's release.

Link to reference: Ref. The Scene

Impromptu Skateboarding Downhill on HWY 236 California


While driving home couldn't resist skating down California Highway 236 on a sunny Tuesday morning. It wasn't my board and I hadn't ridden downhill in many years, but it still was fun :)

Link to reference: Web Site

HarvestBoards Summer 2017; Mark Botelho Footage


Footage of my Summer 2017 in California skating with friends and family.

Created using LightWorks v.14
Music from YouTube Video Creator Studio

Go Skateboarding Day Asuncion 2015


Link to reference: Web Site


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