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Harvest Skateboard Co. is a family run company. We purchase blank decks and do our own silk-screening on decks, t-shirts, and sweatshirts. This all started when 34 year old Mark started skating again after a 10+ year break. Our town built two new concrete skateparks motivating him to pick up a board again. Shortly after he started skating his then 8 year old daughter Zea wanted to give it a try. It didn't take long before little sister Kyla (then 5) wanted to skate too. Soon dad and then two girls were regularly going to the skateparks. One day Zea came home and said, "Mom, why don't any girls skate?" Mom (who skated during her teenage years) quickly replied that girls skate, in fact she herself skates. So next visit to the park mom aka Kristin came along. We quickly realized that buying pro boards at $50 a pop was going to break us quickly, so we started Harvest Boards. The name coming from that fact that Zea means grain. Our original goal was to get more girls involved in skating. We were going to harvest a new generation of female skaters and change the way people thought about skating. We have only been partially successful in our original goal. People see now 15 year old Zea pulling rock and rolls, little sister Kyla (now 12) dropping in on 6 foot vert walls, 36 year old mom carving bowls, and 40 year old dad pulling handplants and airs. Not exactly what most people expect when they show up at a park. Unfortunately, we have not seen many female skaters in Eugene, Oregon. We are still hoping that this is going to change. In the meantime our family continues to silkscreen boards, skate, and have fun!

Kyla backside 50-50 grind

Kyla, Age 8

Zea fronside grab air

Zea, age 11


Skateboard Fight

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