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We are a group of friends who met while living and working around the world. We use our bikes for home-work transportation and also for fun!  Living in a foreign country where you don't speak much of the language makes it especially apparent how great it is to have a common knowledge base on certain things!  Hearing about anything new (be it a bike shop, skateboard park, or restaurant) always felt like part folklore... Someone heard from someone that someone else found a good place, and here's some directions that MIGHT get you there. On this foundation, OneEyeGoat Publications was born.  We hope this is a place where reliable information can be shared and sports enthusiasts from all over can connect (even if we live in different parts of the world!) to share photos of our gear, news, events, product reviews, spot information, or even your own article on the blog!

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We hope you enjoy reading/viewing our content.. but even more, we hope you create a free profile and contribute content of your own!  We (Adrian, Mark , Ella and Dustin) created this site, but We (you, us, everyone) will make this site what it is!


Programmer for OneEyeGoat Publications, Location: Nigeria & California, USA


Editor/Graphics Guy, Location: West Coast, USA


Editor, Location: West Coast, USA


Resident Bike Guru, Location: Hong Kong & Colorada USA

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