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LoVE Park history & How Skateboarders adapt to the environment!

Author: Dustin Posted: 2013-08-22
Whether you're a long-time skater or not, you will recognize Robert Indiana's LoVE statue...and probably know that the original is in Philly - in a park called LOVE PARK (commonly, although that isn't actually it's real name).

But unless you grew up in Philly, you probably don't know the full story behind the park, its designer/creator, and the history behind the park's evolution (how it became a skate mecca, how "the man" tried to chase skaters off, and actually REDESIGNED the park to keep skaters out.... but don't worry, it didn't work!)

Check out this story on 99% Invisible.  Definitely worth a listen.

Credit: Mike Blabac
Credit: Mike Blabac

Link to reference: Podcast on 99% Invisible

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