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The Grand Park, Skateboard Park, Tirana, Albania

Author: Mark Page-Botelho Posted: 2020-11-19

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While traveling in Albania, I research whether there was a skatepark in Tirana the capital. I found a few references on the Internet, but nothing recent so I wasn't sure if it still existed. My first stop was in Durres on the coast and there were no parks although I found some overpasses that were amazing street skating spots. In Tirana, I found the only official skatepark. It was really small and kind of a funky design. The coping was fine, and the concrete was smooth. It has two boxes offset from the edge of the bowl. The transition is flat making is a bit strange but adds a uniqueness to the park itself. I highly doubt this park was designed by a skateboarder, but it's better than nothing.

Finding the park is easy. Just go to the main city park called the Grand City Park. The park is next to the church that is located in the park itself. You have to get off the main path and take the smaller path than circles around the church to find the park.